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Links provided on the New Mexico Family Network website are not necessarily recommended for every family. These organizations and companies have proved valuable to some families and their children but not every service will perfectly match every person in a family. We recommend that each family investigate these services and decide which organizations will best serve their individual needs.

Opening Position

NMFN wants to announce the following open position that it is available. If you are interested please send your resume until July 31, 2014 at  

Family Education Coordinator


Position Title:

Family Education Coordinator

FLSA Status:


Reports To:

Executive Director

Position Status

Part time

Last Revised

July 8, 2014


July 8, 2014


 Qualifications: The Program Analyst should have effective mediation and negotiation skills.  Attentive listening with an open mind.  Constructive interaction and work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.  Capacity to manage and work on several tasks simultaneously.  Capacity to work under pressure.  Flexibility to adapt to change and willingness to learn new skills.  Commitment to children’s mental health and support for families with children with neurobiological, emotional, or behavioral differences. Knowledge of the special education process. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Excellent organizational skills. Personal or professional experience accessing systems of care. Ability to travel statewide.


  • Grant/Project Coordination Responsible for coordinating grants and projects
  • Develops system for data collection
  • Reporting criteria and grant records
  • Researches and compiles statistics and data for grants/projects
  • May assist in writing narratives for grant proposals
  • Monitors grant/project timeline
  • Reviews grant letters
  • Creates, monitors and maintains audit files for program compliance
  • Designs and implements procedures to fulfill grant/project objectives and criteria
  • May prepare memorandums of understanding for agencies; works with agencies to resolve concerns and issues
  • Prepares Board agenda items; prepares reports including statistical summaries and comparisons; trains,
  • Coordinates, and reviews work of project staff/student assistants
  • Assists in monitoring revenue and expenditures for grants/projects
  • Assists in marketing and presentations
  • Planning, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the operating programs.
  • These positions utilize a high degree of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills in analyzing, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of the operations.
  • The major duties of this position include employing advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze and measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of organizational programs
  • Establishing study methods and techniques and analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of complex program operations
  • Communicative directives from Executive Director to the Staff during her absence
  • Hold weekly staff meetings
  • Provide information to families and providers.
  • Attend meetings with families as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.



Mission Statement

Support, Strengthen and Empower families facing mental and behavioral health challenges

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