Before evaluating the value of a microdermabrasion at home, it is essential observe why there is the importance for such a machine in the first place. We already have microdermabrasion kits, which are certainly very convenient and much less expensive than the machine. In what ways, then, is a device better than the product? Microdermabrasion is essentially a “sanding” process where the surface layers of the skin are removed to expose the interior fresher layer. Both the kits and the machines do the same thing, but they are principally different.

The kits rely heavily on creams that have crystals of a hard substance such as corundum in men and women. When the creams are applied on the skin, these crystals scrape off the outer skin cells. The machines, on another hand, may or may not use crystals. The ones that use crystals are usually employed in dermatologists’ clinics. They precisely and very momentarily bring urates in contact with no skin and abrade it. The other kind of machines-the ones with a gemstone and setting wand-are more popular for home draw on. These don’t have any crystals but have got a diamond tip which scrapes your cells off. This wand needs to get moved over epidermis so that process might take lay down.

So, why can be a home microdermabrasion machine better than the kits? Most experts are of the opinion that urates used in the creams may, after all, have some side effects associated with long run. Additionally, some people may be allergic to these creams. However, the machines don’t use crystals and whether or not they do the contact is quite momentary. There’s also the point of convenience and quickness. The actual best home microdermabrasion kit will need elaborate work and, despite that, the procedure may not turn out perfect. With a household microdermabrasion machine, put on weight precision and the treatment doesn’t take higher than a few minutes a day. However, there is the price factor to think of. Not all people can afford a residence microdermabrasion machine yet and since they are quite comfortable i’m able to kits, both forms of products exist in this particular niche market.