Depending on your specific needs, situation, and venue you may need one or every the available electronic solutions to your security issues. The reason why we consider the does your business need a loss prevention system for providing security solutions.

Too often alarm companies and security contractors take the “get in in order to get out” attitude when selling security. The customer calls up an alarm company because they “need” a burglar or fire alarm and the alarm company gives them exactly that without asking what or why. They desire to make a quick sale and aboard to the next one.

These days, forward thinking security vendors will take the loss Prevention Approach to providing a complete security solution. A complete security solution will address present and future threats to one’s business and help achieve loss prevention in all involving your operations.

A burglar alarm by itself will rarely deter, protect or solve items. The author has witnessed many a burglary exactly where the thief actually broke in through a window that had an alarm company’s sign right with it! Talk about deterrent- has been created worthless! Many thieves are very associated with slow police airport terminal attack burglar alarms in any big cities. Understand which keyword phrases that tripping the alarm means nothing if the police take twenty minutes to arrive or don’t even bother to respond in any way.

A complete security solution and loss prevention plan would dictate window bars to slow the burglars long enough for police to come along. It would ensure are actually no false alarms to lull police into non-response. But the loss prevention approach also means helping the business owner or managers get yourself a handle on all losses.

We understand that more losses are introduced on by employees than by burglars. Did you know that 87% of losses come from employees while only 5% of shrinkage is from shoplifting? Further, 46% of employee theft occurs right at your checkout! Internal inventory shrinkage, shoplifting, slip & fall lawsuits, employee inefficiency, employee violence, embezzlement, improper accounting, fraudulent returns, waste, and low productivity are responsible for more business loss than burglaries. Are usually want always be more profitable than you need to look inward also as outward.

Does that mean you might without alarms, of course not? Internationally, represents the effect of just one item of your retail list. For example, let’s say an employee helps himself to a hot new DVD individual. You, the owner must now replace that item, so already you should pay double- the original and the replacement. Even though the replacement DVD player is on order a customer comes in and wants one, since you don’t get it you’ve lost a sale and perhaps a loyal customer. Maybe your salesman that have sold that player becomes disheartened at losing the sale and works less very frustrating to the next sale or perhaps decides generate up the shortfall dissatisfaction with the fourth way.

So the cost of just one missing item can be magnified often times. Although this example applies to retail, commercial and industrial face difficulties. We were once asked to apply these principles to a dairy. This location was a bottling plant which accepted the raw milk from dairy farmers immediately after which it processed, bottled and distributed it to local grocers.

Upon a careful examine their operations we discovered some along with startling highlights. The dairy farmers delivered their milk 24 hours a day- completely not being watched! No one had considered the possibility that virtually anyone could drive up and have total access to bulk milk tanks. Not only did this open owners of to obtain to threats from terrorists, which could easily poison the milk but also from extortion. A person knowledgeable with their facts could easily get in touch with the owners and say “pay me $10 million dollars and I’ll let you how I tampered in addition to your milk”- whether or not they actually did it or and never. Not only could this result in expensive recall but a good larger loss in consumer attitude.

The solution to this operation was card access to insure only authorized trucks were proven to enter the reasons and deliver milk together with an extensive video surveillance system throughout the assembly facility. The cameras doubled as operations tools since now all facets of the milk processing could be observed from a central location in the control home. As it turned out, the camera system actually contributed more to production efficiency than security however the operators were secure in the knowledge nobody could tamper with any section of the actual procedure without being observed.

The Loss Prevention Way to Security Solutions will be considered a key thing in choosing understand that security contractor for your business, facility, or even your residence. A good security expert will keep in mind your specific business- or will spend time to learn. A security alarm solution demands an investment of time both by the security contractor and yourself to know all the threats and the way that they relate to your specific operation.

It might need more than a single walk through and spending time with key employees to form a complete program. In fact, your employees already probably know all of the weaknesses of the security. On such an undeniable fact finding tour of an oversized retailer, had been speaking using one of the dock workers who pointed the actual trash compactor. This loyal employee was fed on the top of her associates who regularly threw out perfectly good merchandise becoming “damaged”. Then they later returned to the compactor after hours and retrieved your crooks to take family.

This store put all of their effort into preventing external threats any large n amount of money was simply pouring out the back exterior door. An alarm contact was soon that come with the trash compactor door along using a camera observing it and also several on their own loading docking station. Not only did shrinkage drop dramatically but employee productivity increased as well since they now knew they were being constantly observed.

Think it can’t happen at your business? We regularly visit “family” owned operations where all of the “employees” are trusted siblings. In every case we are told, “I don’t have a problem with employees, most are family.” Just about every case discovered internal theft- many points during the significant amounts due to drug problems and even gang connection. In one case, an owner’s son regularly allowed his drug dealer gang to loot the business after schedule.

Even if your employees are totally honest and loyal you should still suffer the implications of poor thinking, inefficiency and laziness on their part. Our favorite example was a large retail supermarket. All the employees were well paid and provided a generous discount so internal theft turned out to be minimum. Shop did handle large quantities of cash and this was stored in a locked safe- or so the owner believed.

When we walked through we tried an time tested trick which my father taught me when i say. We simply went to the as well as turned gas dial until we heard it click and opened it! Staff didn’t just like having to the complete combination every time they in order to put cash inside therefore they always left it within the second to last cell phone number. Trouble was anyone wandering through the shop and associated with this have simply opened the safe unobserved and brought the day’s receipts. The solution? A drop chute into greatest method for so it didn’t must opened every time cash would have to be deposited and cameras to maintain an eye on steps.

So losing Prevention Approach is made to both provide solutions and keep your losses to a minimum! The Loss Prevention Approach not necessarily must take into account past and provide threats likewise anticipate future ones.