I am really good with numbers, but I know my own limits. If you need me to divide a bill eight ways and then figure in a 25 percent tip for the waitress, I can practically do it in my head. If you need me to tell you the payoff with a particular interest rate, I can also help you. However, when I am involving other people’s money as far as their paychecks are concerned, I rely on the best tax software for professionals. I am not a professional accountant, but I do take care of the books for my husband’s business.

There is no way I am going to take shortcuts with it, which is why I wanted to have the best software possible. I have to look at it in several different ways. First, he has 14 employees. I am responsible for making sure their taxes are done properly so their paycheck aligns properly with what they should get. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to have professional software, because I know from personal experience how even one mess up on a paycheck can have long lasting effects.

The other reason is for our own personal taxes. There are a lot of deductions in my husband’s business. He owns a fleet of 10 vehicles, plus he supplies all of the tools and materials for the men to do their jobs. There is mileage and even meal write offs at times, and I just did not want to get in over my head with everything. Having professional tax software means that I can rest easy knowing that all of the paychecks and taxes are going to be handled the correct way. Since I started using this software, I have no had a single mistake on any of their checks, or our own taxes either.